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Distribution Depot Prague

WOOD STORE - Bořanovice/Líbeznice

WOOD STORE, družstvo

109 Mělnická
250 65 Bořanovice
Prague - East

+420 731 025 902


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Joinery Timber, Battenboards

Joinery Timber

The main specialization of our company is sale of dried joinery timber, which we offer to our customers in our stores in Prague - Bořanovice (109 Mělnická) and in Znojmo (361 Přímětická). At present our company disposes of store capacity of about 500 m2, where you can buy our joinery timber. The best-selling timber species are mainly domestic timber species: oak, beech, spruce, pine, larch, maple, and ash. Furthermore we also deal with following timber species: alder, birch, cherry, nut, and mahogany.

Joinery timber Joinery timber Joinery timber

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Exotic Timber

Besides the joinery timber you can also find in our offer of our company exotic timber from Asia, Africa, and America. To the best-selling kinds of exotic timber belong mainly mahogany, meranti, teak, cumaru, merbau, wenge, zebrano, red alder, american oak, and american maple.

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To our assortment also belong high-quality battenboards from the firm of DDL Lukavec. You can buy the battenboards in qualities of A/B or C in our store in Prague (Bořanovice).

Battenboards Battenboards Battenboards

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Cheap Battenboards

At present you can take advantage of the sales campaign in our stores in Prague - Bořanovice and in Znojmo. Now you can buy high-quality battenboards for action prices. The battenboards with measures of 12,5 x 96 mm in quality "B/C" are offered just for 138 CZK incl. VAT. The battenboards with the same measures with higher quality of "A/B" you can buy just for 170 CZK incl. VAT.

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